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Your major purchase, and the first to consider, is an air compressor ? Simply put, get the best you can afford. The “standard” for home painting are Sears Craftsman portable models, and the hot tip is to buy one when they are on sale. From personal experience, I would strongly recommend a 220-volt unit of […]

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Air Compressor Setup for Spray Guns

Are you looking for the perfect solution for spraying painting wall, car or garden fence? One fact is that it is challengeable to get the great spraying results with the support of just only your hands. Then, a useful air compressor will do this task for you. Air compressor is considered as one of the […]

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California Air Tools Air compressors

California Air Tools provide a heavy range of air compressors, each designed uniquely to meet the needs of each of their customers. They have broadly categorized their air compressors in five categories: 1 .Ultra Quite Oil free Air Compressors These are engineered with latest technology to deliver high quality air compressors. These air compressors are […]

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