Essential Power Tools for Your Home


It is necessary for you to prepare some essential power tools for doing DIY tasks. This is a special requirement when you move to the new home. There is a variety of power tools for you to choose from. Each of them is designed for multi purposes. Therefore, picking a right one and learning how to use it is so challengeable. If you are looking for important tools to solve unexpected problems, this article is for you. Keep on reading and decide whether these options fit your needs and demands or not.

1. Compound Miter Saw

It has another name of chop saw, which effectively chops the lumber. You can use the miter saw to measure cross, angle and bevel cuts. Moreover, tackling trim, crown molding and baseboards becomes much easier than ever before thanks to this tool.

2. Battery-Powered Drill

Another efficient option for your home is battery-powered drill. The drill is cordless and handy for the great ease of handling. Within a single charge, the machine uses battery to attach many screws. Differentiating from a cord power screwdriver, this unit automatically stops when necessary.

3. Circular Saw

Although the circular saw is portable, it delivers the powerful strength to cut various things such as glass, softwood, hardwood, stucco, concrete, etc…The circular saw has a system of strong blades, which are made from diamond, steel and high-speed steel. You could take advantage of the tool for doing other tasks, including making holes for wood beams or cutting wall openings.

4. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is perfect for craft projects due to high maneuverability and light-weight design. The tool works well in different fields. For example, you could use jigsaw to cut curves and holes of sinks or cabinets. Let’s try and enjoy.

5. Table Saw

If chop saw is responsible for cutting wood into small pieces, table saw can cut lumber lengthwise. It has high application for use on the ground, workbench or sawhorses. There is no difficulty in using this unit. All you have to do is setting the angle and depth of the blade. Then, pushing the table saw through the wood and cut it straight.

6. Saw All

Cutting hard metal, wood and dry wall becomes much easier than ever before with an efficient Saw All. You have to use much effort to control this tool. However, it brings the great result just in few minutes. The most out-standing feature of this machine is that you could saw through everything in a simple way. Wow, how wonderful it is!

7. Palm Sander

Many households have palm sander to make your wood turn new. Coming with an available bag, the sander helps catch as much sawdust as possible. Palm sander is considered to be better than sandpaper in removing dust.

8. Planer

This machine is a great idea to cut different corners of wood as well as remove varnishes and thick paint. It is obvious that the player can shave wood into various thin slices and flat surfaces. Using a planer is faster to make the doors fit the windows than spending effort by hands.

9. Air Compressor

One of the most practical power tools for your home, an air compressor. The tool is a number one option for pumping tires, controlling paint airbrushing, blowing sawdust and managing pneumatic devices. Finishing nails is possible with the support of an air compressor.

10. Band Saw

The mission of a band saw is cutting curves on hard wood. Combining well with an adjustable table and strong blades, the saw could easily cut wood to equal pieces. It is so simple to recut the wood thinner and thinner.

11. Router

A router is extremely versatile to cut holes, edges and make grooves and contours. Moreover, making a raised panel is very easy with the useful router. You could also create edges; make mortise holes or cut circles with this smart tool.

12. Multi-Master Tool

As its name, multi-master tool could do many jobs at the same time. You can sand, scrap, cut, saw and polish all in one without any challenge. Therefore, it contributes to protect your arms from injuring. The machine may be expensive; however, it is very powerful and manageable.

13. Work Radio

Enjoy the stream of music when you are working with the work radio. The work radio uses electric battery as same as a drill. It encourages you to be more positive to enjoy the working environment.

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