Garage DIY Maintenance Tips To Help Make It Look Brand New

 Your garage is an often overlooked section of your home. Over time it can gradually lose its visual appeal,  merely becoming a run down area to store your tools or park your car. However, this needn’t be the case. With a little bit of organization and DIY skills, you can make it look brand new.


Clear Out The Junk

If your garage is overflowing with all kinds of junk, then a simple tidy up, will take it a step closer to looking brand new. Get sorting, and throw away any bits and pieces that are cluttering up the place. Rusty tools, broken exercise equipment,  and anything else you have been hoarding should be taken to the dump. If you haven’t used something that you have been saving for a year or more, then chances are you never will, so just throw it out.

Store Equipment Effectively

Shelves can be your best friend when it comes to organizing your garage. Anything that is becoming a nuisance on the floor can be easily relocated to a shelf.

You can also take advantage of your garage’s wall space by setting up hangers. You can then hang items like ladders, bikes, long garden tools, and anything that is getting in the way. If the garage is high enough, you can even hang items from the ceiling.

You can also install a pegboard to hang smaller tools. This keeps them from being underfoot, while also in range whenever you need them.

Revamp Your Garage Door

Your garage door is the entrance to your castle. It not only reflects your garage but also your entire property as a whole, so you want to make sure it looks great. A new paint job can do wonders.

Start off by giving the garage door a thorough clean, as it is likely covered in dirt, grime, or cobwebs. From there you basically paint the door just like you would paint any other surface. Your strokes should be broad and slow. Once you have applied one coat, be patient and wait for it to dry before applying the next.

Clean Your Surfaces

Over time garage surfaces can become incredibly dirty:  Oil gets spilled on the floor, your latest woodworking project makes a mess on your workbench, grime from dirty equipment accumulates on shelves. Your garage is the dirtiest room in your home, and will likely continue to be so, however, regular cleaning will greatly improve its appearance.

Repair Your Cracks

Almost every concrete garage floor will experience cracks. Concrete shrinks and expands, due to temperature changes, resulting in cracks. The only way to create a new look for your floor is to fix these cracks. Luckily, it is a straightforward process.

First off, use a hammer and chisel to remove any loose material from around the cracks. Next, you will want to sweep or vacuum up all the debris. You can then apply a sealing compound into the cracks, completely filling them. Once it has set, you will need to grind away any excess material on the top, to make it flush.

Transform Your Floor


Once your cracks are completed, consider the next step in achieving a brand new looking garage floor. Epoxy is a paint that can be applied to a concrete garage floor. It is highly resistant to oil, grease, and a variety of other substances. Many colors are also available, meaning you can choose the perfect look for your floor.

Start off by cleaning your floor as well as possible. You will then apply the epoxy coat by coat, similar to regular painting. Epoxy takes a long time to dry, around 24 hours, so apply a coat each day, and allow it to dry overnight, before moving onto the next. Once you have finished the final coat, don’t allow foot traffic for 24 hours, and don’t allow a car to be parked on it for a few days. Check your product’s label for more precise drying time frames.

Time To Get Started

Hopefully, these ideas are useful in revitalizing your garage. Only basic DIY maintenance skills are needed to transform a bleak area into a brand new masterpiece. So, don’t put things off any longer. Get started today, to create a garage that is a joy to spend time in.                                                              

Andy Adams 

Andy is a DIY expert who loves to take on a new renovation project. He also loves cars and works for In his spare time, Andy enjoys surfing and looking for new renovation projects that he can sink his hammer into. He has a loving family and 2 dogs. 

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