How To Select Air Compressors That Suit Your Needs

There are a number of settings where the air compressors may be used. They include home setups, industrial setups, business setups and maintenance shops among other setups.  This clearly implies that as far as air compressors are concerned, there are a wide range of applicable needs, specifications and requirements. It is therefore important that you understand your desires and needs of your projects before you set out to look for an air compressor. Going for the wrong equipment may result to an unprecedented waste of resources as they may come with very high costs of operation that’s not worth the output. Before buying an air compressor, there are points you should put in to consideration.

1.The Projects

If at all your are looking for an air compressor you need to use in the fulfillment of around-the-house needs such as blowing up toys, air mattresses, inflatable swimming pools, tires among others. Or perhaps the machine you need is to be used with other air tools such as the power-nailers, air brush kits among other small and medium uses, then the portable compressors will probably be the perfect and most ideal for such jobs. The use of larger stationery air compressors is only effective when it comes to handling larger jobs such as industrial businesses and jobs on construction sites. If you buy a big air compressor yet your jobs require the small compressors, not only will the cost of maintenance and operation be incredibly high but also handling the jobs may be a tall order in deed.


There are different varying sizes of air compressors and these should be selected depending on the job or task to be carried out. If your job will involve moving around a given space with the air compressor, then you need to go for the lightest equipment possible. If you are also a mobile person who moves around with your compressor in the bed of your pickup truck, then you should also go for the small portable models. It’s also worth noting that there are compressors which are in the region of 20 lbs or slightly more and are easily transportable from one place to other.


Different models, makes and sizes of air compressors come with different maintenance and upkeep needs. These are some of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for an air compressor. Don’t just look at the buying price as it is very easy to afford buying it but very expensive for you to run it. You must ensure that you will be capable of maintaining the proper air levels within the tanks and also able to properly maintain the oil levels. Confirm that the safety valves operate efficiently and appropriately not forgetting the ease of maintaining them. Confirm whether it will be easy for you to find the replacement belts together with other service parts. If getting these may prove to be too much of a hassle, don’t overlook this point as there are many other compressors that will be easier for you to maintain


Whether you are considering the in-store purchases or the online ones, the best way of starting your search is by walking in to a physical store and doing some comparisons. Get a feel of the models in store and try confirming the specifications and features. Compare the prices and then go online to check and compare the prices together with the shipping costs. Remember to also do a “price matching” comparison between different stores. It would be ideal for you to go for the best deal-the one that will cost you the least amount to buy and get it to your destination.

5.Warranties together with the available extended warranties.

Different brands come with different guarantees and warranties as well as optional purchase warranties. Always be sure to understand the warranty’s coverage and what they don’t cover before deciding on a given compressor.


Different sizes come with varied power needs thus it’s important to make sure that you buy an air compressor that has got the power requirements that can be attained by the power outlets you have in your space. Without the appropriate volt power outlet, the equipment won’t run properly.


Different needs require different accessories. Depending on your specific needs, you want an air compressor that comes with plenty of accessory options that are capable of handling your desired jobs. Such accessories range from the cutting tools all the way to the air tools and you want to be sure that the air compressor you choose comes with all these.

The air compressors have been designed and brought about to make your work easy. The process of buying one must never be a daunting task for you. With the points above in mind, you will be able to get the best air compressor that suits your needs.

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