How To Use A Sharpening Stone

When it comes to having the best sharpening stones, you always have to turn to guides to help you out. Most of the time you want something that can easily help you with handling the sharpening process quite easily. You would often find a number of options available when working with sharpening stones. You can get the diamond abrasive stone, the ceramic model or hard stone. Depending on the type of stone that you get to choose, it will affect how it can be used.

Now that you have the stone, we have to learn more about using it. Below are some tips on how to use a sharpening stone.

How to Use a Sharpening Stone


How To Use A Sharpening Stone?

Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions

It is common to find that sometimes people just start using a product without really taking the time to learn what the manufacturer explains on using the product. From the product label, you can learn a lot more that can help you with using the sharpening stone.

Choose The Sharpening Angle

Use a Sharpening Stone

The sharpening angle is a key thing to learn when it comes to using a sharpening stone. If you do it wrong, you end up having uneven sharpened edges or sometimes cutting yourself.

Most manufacturers would recommend that you use a 20-degree angle to the sharpening stone. On the overall, you may want to use a shallower angle for the coarse stone. The coarse stone will often shave more material off the blade, so make sure that you keep the angle low so that you do not reduce the width by far.

The thicker knives would often benefit from using a larger sharpening angle so as to make them sharper as compared to the normal paring knife.

Practice The sharpening With The Chosen Angle

 Sharpening Stone

The only way you are going to get better at using the sharpening stone is if you practice. Now that you have chosen the best angle, you can proceed to sharpen a few times and see how well the angle works for you. If the angle chosen seems to shave off more material than expected, then you can always reduce it.

Determine The Liquid Needed By The Stone

The sharpening stones would use liquids for various reasons. You can have stones that use either water or oil. Make sure you understand what your stone needs before you can start using it for sharpening the knives.

It is common to find the sharpening stones using oil as a way of removing swarf from the stone whenever you sharpen the knives. The swarf are the small metal filings that you get whenever you sharpen a knife. Some users might end up using water instead of oil. Make sure that you get to choose the correct liquid to avoid damaging the stone.

The diamond stones and the water stones would use the water for lubrication. Before you can start the process, make sure that you apply a coat of water to the stone. You can use the spray bottle to get the water evenly on different parts without using a lot of water.

How To Use A Sharpening Stone

Sharpening Your Knife

How to Use Sharpening Stones

Make sure that you get to place the sharpening stone on a steady surface such as the countertop or a table. It should be in a position where it does not easily move when you start sharpening. The surface should be high enough so that you can easily move the arm against the stone with comfort.

You have to keep the knife against the sharpening stone at an angle. By now you must have chosen the sharpening angle as stated earlier. The angle will definitely change based on the metal shavings that you get and type of stone. Keep the stone parallel to the body to have an effective output. The strokes that you do on the sharpening stone should be parallel rather than being towards your body.

Starting at one end of the sharpening stone, sweep across the entire stone in an arc so that every part of the blade at some point is in contact with the stone. You have to keep repeating the strokes on one side of the knife until you see that the opposite side is blurring.

You can now turn the knife to start sharpening the other side of the knife to keep it even on the opposite side. Repeat the process until you find that the knife is well sharpened.

Clean The Sharpening Stone

Before you get to store the stone, make sure it is cleaned. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove the swarf from the stone before storing it for the next use.


As you can see, when it comes to how to use a sharpening stone is not a hard process. Simply make sure that you always keep the manufacturer’s instructions in mind so that you can enjoy using the sharpening stone easily.

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