Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench

Sometimes you might have more trouble loosening corroded screws in their position. In such scenarios, you need the best tools to help you with the process. Such tools would be an impact driver or an impact wrench. These two come with the right torque important for several applications. More tips on tools could be found on ThinkCrucial.

The two are relatively almost the same with a few differences here and there. It is crucial that you understand these differences if you are going to end up with the best performance from these tools. Below, we get to look at some of the outstanding differences between the two. At the end, you should learn more on impact driver vs impact wrench

impact driver vs impact wrench


Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench

The Torque


Torque is important of any power tool. The torque is actually the force that would help in rotating the bolts, nuts or any other equipment attached to the impact driver or wrench. Comparing the two, you would find that the impact wrench would always deliver more high torque than the impact driver.

The output of the wrench is more even with minimal exertion. The wrench would be storing more energy in a rotating mass, which in turn translates into more output at the shaft.


Handling is still another important consideration to keep in mind when you are going to choose between an impact wrench and impact driver. The impact wrench is often seen to be hard to handle due to the large size. You would more people having an easy time using the impact driver for its small size. The small size is great for those looking for a one-hand operated model. For those who want something they can easily handle, then the impact driver is the way to go.

The uses

The impact wrenches and impact drivers all have places where they can work great. The impact wrench is often seen to be a heavy-duty model, so you can expect that it would be great for handling the tough jobs. It is the reason you get more people using it in the mechanical domain.

You can use the impact wrench for slacking a board onto another with ease as compared to the impact drive. The impact driver would be great for screwing or handing smaller type of jobs such a tightening the lag bolts in wood construction.

Possible adjustments

The adjustments to the impact wrench or impact driver is important to suit the job to be handled. The impact wrench is made in a clever way where it would easily adjust the force while in use. This adjustment will change the output of the torque so that it matches with the amount of torque needed to handle the performance.

The impact driver on the other hand comes with a speed parameter. This is where you get to decrease and increase the speed of your impact driver depending on the job at hand.

Professional use

Due to a number of applications, you can always opt for an impact driver or impact wrench. The impact wrench is often seen as the professional tool, especially where there is the need to handle large-scale projects. The impact drivers would be great for the household activities.


The impact wrenches are known to produce a considerable amount of noise. Things are different with the impact wrench. Sometimes even users are advised to wear earplugs when operating the impact wrench due to the noise. The impact driver is quite and do not often produce a lot of noise which would raise concerns.

The power source

Before you can use a tool for various applications, understanding how it is driven could prove to be important to the user. As for these two products, they come with various power source options. The impact wrench would use compressed air as the basic power source. Things are different for the impact driver as it uses electricity as the basic power source for operating.


The impact wrench and the impact driver both have their special uses. You can always choose one depending on just how much you need the power the two can deliver. For the tough jobs, consider the impact wrench, while use the impact driver for lighter applications.

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