Maintain air compressor properly to make it more durable

An air compressor, which is a mechanical tool, has the capacity to change the electrical energy into kinetic energy, particularly by means of compressed air. These air compressors as any other systems need some regular maintenance so as to perform efficiently. Such maintenance works can save your wealth as well as time. This can even boost the life span of the tools, and also reduces the necessity for renovation. Protection of Air compressor is almost parallel to that of controlling a car locomotive; air filters or other parts have to be examined and changed on a regular basis. Below are few tips to maintain the air compressor.

Read the manual of the air compressor and follow the guidelines-

Air compressor manual consists of a few simple instructions, and if these are followed appropriately, it will assist you to have a long life of the compressor. It contains some basic security tips, notifying troubleshooting charts and protection methods.

Turn Off the system before beginning the maintenance task-

Before doing any repairs, the compressor should be shut down, the tank should be drained, and also the system should be left for some time to cool. It is the most significant prerequisite to keep away from any emergency condition.

Check belts, screws or nuts of the machine-

If the compressor has a belt, examine it for cracking or scratches, and substitute it if it starts having hairline cracks. Moreover, they must be replaced while they become dry and fragile in order to boost the working time of a belt. One should always try to place the compressor in clean place.

As compressor machine is the vibrating running system, which may cause loosening of its screws or bolts, they should be checked occasionally and tightened while they get loosened up.

Drain all water from the tanks daily-

It is suggested by most of the companies that the tank of the compressor must be emptied every day since water is there within the compressor. As the machine intakes air, it also absorbs moisture from it that causes rusting of tank and leads to problems. Many tanks contain valves to draw off the stagnant moisture outside, and before the discharge of moisture amount, the air pressure should be discharged from tanks for purpose of safety.

Air-intake filters should be verified-

As air compressors absorb atmospheric air along with all pollutants, air filters should be checked habitually. They must be altered if there is an upsurge of dirt and soil in order to make certain that the compressor is free from contaminants.

Compressor oil have to be studied-

If the compressor utilizes oil, its oil should be checked every day and after each 500 to1000 hours of handling. Oil should be changed together with some other filters for utmost performance of the compressor. In addition to this, oil tank should be ensured for leaks often, and quality oil should be used to prevent any damage to the engine.

Make intake vents fresh

Testing and making the intake vents unsoiled is very significant, particularly in those parts where the surroundings are dirty or grimy.  It should be done regularly as dirty vents may reduce the value of the engine and thus worsening the performance.

Clean fuel tank as well as heat exchanger-

Just as any other machine, the fuel tank should be cleaned out occasionally to avoid any dysfunction. To attain a better operating situation to protect the engine’s existence, the fuel tank should be kept fresh.

The heat exchangers decrease the operating temperature levels of the compressor as when they are unclean, they cannot do their work well. They should be cleaned so as to maintain the operational temperature of machine down, and to exploit the life span of the compressor.

By following all these tips for maintaining the compressor, one will be competent to keep it efficient, and faster; thus offering it a long life.


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