Porter Cable Air Compressors

Porter Cable Air Compressor

An American company, Porter Cable, is manufacturing significant power tools since over 100 years now. Since 1906 they have been working hard to regularly bring in new and developed tools and have provided a wide range of technologically advanced, low maintenance and highly reliable air compressors. They seem to have a deep knowledge of the needs and demands of a technician as well as that of a house owner and hence, they present a wide variety of air compressors.

Porter Cable Air Compressors

Porter Cable is providing many types of air compressors, each designed for specific application, ranging from household to use to industrial use.

They have 17 varieties of air compressors ranging from one gallon to 80 gallon tanks and horse power ranging from 0.3 to 5.2. The heavy duty one gallon quiet trim compressor is durable, has a light weight and compact design, nine inches tall and is very easy to carry. It runs on a standard household voltage of 110 to 120 volts is ideal for indoor tasks.

Porter Cable is providing six other varieties of air compressors which have running horsepower of 0.8. These are basically oil free pancake style compressors, having tank of 4 to 6 gallons. These are best for occasional small scale jobs and household applications like inflating tyres or sport equipments. They are light weight around 29 lbs and therefore easily portable. They have oil free pumps so there is no oil spilling and therefore require no special maintenance.

Other than pancake style processors, Porter Cable is also providing one hot dog style compressor with almost same specifications, 0.8 HP, 2.5 gallon of tank, runs on 120 volts, only 24 lbs includes a water drain valve and rubber feet. Another model with 0.8 HP and 1.5 gallon tank is CMB 15, it has low noise 79 dBA (tested per ISO3744) for a quieter work environment. It is only 20 lbs and has a fully covered design.


PXCMLC1683066, is heavy duty 1.6 HP, 120 – 240 volt induction motor. It has 30 gallon ASME certified tank. It has single stage, oil lubricated, twin V cast iron pump. It 154 lbs but the weight is managed by the wheels that are provided. Another option available with 3.7 HP is a 60 gallon tank air compressor; it’s a cast iron twin cylindrical pump. It also comes with a 2” tank pressure gauge. It weighs around 247 lbs.

Porter Cable also provides heavy duty air compressors with 80 gallons of tanks, which are ASME certified tanks. They are shipped with synthetic oil for optimum performance and long life and have full size metal belt guard. They have 5.2 HP and 208 to 240 spread voltage induction motor. Typically, they are installed in workshops and garages and are generally used for heavy duty or commercial applications.

Here, we can see that, Porter Cable does provide a wide variety of air compressors. Depending on how much you use your pneumatic tools, you can make a choice by visiting their website, which clearly lists all the available air compressors and even provides a detailed comparison. All the products here are comfortable and light weight, easy to use and ergonomic. They are sold throughout North America via certified dealers and other factory outlets. It takes 2 business days to ship a product and they give a choice in selecting a shipping method. One good thing about Porter Cable is that they provide ‘Ultimate Service Advantage’ and repair your tools in 5 days or less. You can search for your local retailer and service centre on their website. If you are looking for details of your product you can also avail the product manual from there service site.

Porter Cable does not ship their product to Canada, Mexico and South America yet.

It can be seen that Porter Cable is providing a lot of options in air compressors which run on a household voltage. It gives much variety in consumer grade air compressors, which work on a comparative lower horse powers, are usually single tanked, oil less models and have affordable prices.  These can be used for minor day to day, household tasks like inflating tyres or sport equipments, for spray paintings and auto repairs or home improving procedures.

If you are interested in crafts, do DIY projects for the betterment and changes in your house, and use pneumatic tools quite often, an air compressor can be a very useful. You can choose amongst the wide variety of air compressor with variable HP. You can go for a higher HP and cfm rating air compressor with larger tanks or twin tanks, if you use your pneumatic tools more frequently and widely. Porter Cable provides all the basic consumer grade, professional grade and even stationary air compressors that are best for workshops, garages, and skilled individuals doing heavy jobs.


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