What Air Flow Compressor Do I Need For Most Air Tools?

When you are out for buying an air compressor, life can get a bit hectic, as there are too many factors to consider, while looking for one. However, you do not need to worry or panic about it anymore, as I will be outlining the various aspects of a compressor. The key to choosing the right air flow compressor lies in what you need to do, and there are various DIY tools that you can attach to them. Time to explore them right away.

CFM for air tool

The factors that you need to know are:

  • CFM (cubicles feet per minute) that tells you how fast the compressor supplies you air
  • Tank size matters at times.
  • Psi can be important, but it does not affect a lot
  • Some air compressors are louder than others
  • Weight and shape matter equally
  • Oil-free is the new trend

Out of these, CFM (air flow) is the most important factor.

Why Is Air Flow The Most Important Factor?

When you are buying an air compressor, air flow denotes the amount of power you are going to need. The most common unit is CFM. It tells you the number of tools you can operate simultaneously. It also tells about the overall capacity. So it is always advised to choose the one with the highest CFM. Thus, all the tools will be run on the compressor. And the effectiveness will be maximum.

DIY Air Tools That Attach To The Air Compressors


When first starting on some DIY home project, we always tend to ignore the fact that how helpful an air compressor can be. Here are few DIY projects that you can use your air compressor with so that your life becomes easy.

Angle disc grinders: These are very popular among the builders and metal smiths. At times, pneumatic grinders are used to remove all the extra material from the constructed piece. Now, angle disc grinders can get very versatile. Depending on what you need, you can equip them with sanding discs, buffing pads, blades, grinding discs, or even brush wheels. Usually, angle disc grinders that are attached to air compressors need 6 CFM.

Die grinder: It is a rotary tool. It is used on materials like wood, plastic, and metal. Die grinders have application in sanding, polishing and grinding the rough edges and surfaces of these materials. If that were not enough, die grinders have found use in the sculpting field as well. It is used by sculptors, millwrights, and welders for engraving and contouring. Normally, a pneumatically driven die grinder needs 8 CFM.

Random orbit sander: It is power driven sander. It has an orbiting blade. Thus, it can spin in various directions. Craftsmen and furniture makers use a random orbit sander. This tool provides them with a better and smoother finish. Also, unlike other tools, it does not leave swirl marks. The reason behind this is the non-constant motion of the random orbit sander. This is why the tools never go over the same path on a surface. When it comes to CFM, it uses 6 CFM.

Grease gun: This tool is different from the others on the list. It is used for lubrication instead of giving a finish to the surfaces. Lubricating is an important aspect of any DIY project. It ensures that the product works fine for a long time, without much wear and tear. Grease gun exerts some grease through its aperture using compressed air. The grease is applied to the machine joints and the other movable parts in which wear and tear may happen due to constant friction. These guns need 3 CFM.

Nailer: Nail guns are perhaps one of the most popular items you are going to find in a household. It is used almost everywhere, whether you need to fix that shelf or construct a cabinet or renovate or just repair something. The hammering effect is generated by the compressed air. It is drawn in at the upstroke and pushed out during the in stroke. A nailer can put and fix things in place in almost no time. It needs 1 CFM.

Impact wrench: Another air powered tool that is used in DIY auto repair work. It is used in construction, machine maintenance, assembly of things and similar applications. The CFM is 5 for ½ inches and 7 for ¾ inches.

Air hammer: A tool common among the craftsmen, it is used to break things and then carve them into something. It accommodates joint separators, exhaust pipe cutters, and shock absorbers. You can find rubber bushing splitter as well as tie-rods. Since the air hammer can stretch, shrink and smooth various metal surfaces, the air hammer finds its applications in just so many things! The CFM is about 4.

Sandblaster: This tool comes in handy for builders and mechanics. It is used to strip away the deposits on the surface that slowly degrade the material, thereby rusting it. A sand blaster, three-gallon, needs 4 CFM.

Therefore, this was all about the air flow compressors and the DIY air tools that you are going to be needing for day to day works.


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