What Size Of An Air Compressor Is The Best For Impact Wrench ?

What Size Air Compressor For Impact Wrench? When it comes to an impact wrench, there is just so much you can do with it. However, it is important to get the right air compressor if you want to end up with the best operation of the impact wrench. With the many air compressors for different types of impact wrenches on the market today, then most people would not be sure which one to buy. The best part that it each impact wrench will come with the amount of CFM written on its box. This should be a start for those looking to have an easier time making up their minds on the best size air compressor for an impact wrench.

What Size Air Compressor For Impact Wrench ?

The Type Of Airflow Needed

CFM for air tool

The compressors would be measured in two ways, it can be the PSI or deliverable CFM. It is crucial to understand what amount of CFM is needed by the impact wrench before making a purchase of the air compressor. For an impact wrench, it can do just fine with 2.5 to 7 CFM. Do not worry about this value, as each manufacturer will always indicate it on the impact wrench box.

If you intend to run more air tools with the same air compressor, then it is important that you find one that can offer the best results at all times. You have to be sure not to under power the impact wrench or else it will not work the way you want.

Tank Size Compressors

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The air compressors will always work based on the amount of air stored in the tank. The amount of work the impact wrench will be doing will also depend on just how much air you have in the tank. Whenever the air is generated and the tank is filled up, you will not have to keep it working. Some compressors have smart features that will make the air compressor start pumping once the air fall below a certain threshold.

Think of the applications you have to handle with the impact wrench. For continuous use, you will be required to have a larger tank to handle the various applications without having to regenerate repeatedly. Sometimes you might want to use the air compressor for intermittent applications, then this case you can go a smaller tank.

The larger tanks will always provide the right CFM needed by the impact wrench based on the manufacturer rating. If you want it to keep on working properly, then you have to keep the CFM close to the recommended value.

The Tank Style Of  The Compressor

What Size Air Compressor For Impact Wrench

The style of the tank will not affect the performance of the impact wrench in any way, but it is still important when it comes to the amount of floor space available, its applicability, portability, and the overall compressor size.

For impact wrench, mostly you would need portable compressors that can get you working in different places with ease. On the market right now, you can expect to find many tank sizes and styles. They are all made in various styles so that you can choose the one that would work best with your impact wrench demands.

Since the size of the air compressor is important when using impact wrenches, the handy carry design should be something that most people love. Its tank design gives it a small size that you can carry from one place to another with ease. Some of the other common tank styles you can get today include hotdog, pancake, pontoon, vertical portable, wheelbarrow, and horizontal portable.

The styles talked about above are mostly for the portable air compressors for the impact wrench. You could still end up with the stationary models if you want one. Just make sure that you pick the right model.

What Size Air Compressor For Impact Wrench

Additional Features To Size

If you are going to purchase an air compressor for impact wrench, then you can be sure that it is not just the size that matters. A number of additional features could help you end up with the best air compressor too. A common feature to consider would be if the compressor is belt driven or not. For a belt driven compressor, you can be sure it will have a longer life and with less vibrations.

Sometimes you might also have to choose between oil vs oil-free compressors. For an oil compressor, you need to make sure it has the low oil shutdown. This should prevent your compressor from having troubles when the oil is too low. The oil free model can be great for many people as it does not need a lot of maintenance.

Here is a quick YouTube video showing the maintenance of an oil based air compressor


What size of the air compressor for impact wrench is something that you now know. You should be in a position to easily use one if you get the right model. A Model such as the BOSTITCH BTFP72646 should give you all the features you need for handling an impact wrench. It is not just the impact wrench, but additional tools if you have them.


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