Which Type Of Snow Blower should I Buy ?

Each year almost every brand releases their year model so that they can keep the flow of latest technology into the market and to keep up other products in the market. With that being said, many brands do not know which one has the best features and can they fill your requirement?

That is the question you need to ask yourself. Many manufacturers claim that their product can take on the 10-inches deep snow and can handle it smoothly.

For beginners, you can start with the reading the article and educate yourself. Today we will cover many aspects of the best snow blowers which can fill your requirements. Always keep one thing in mind, that never purchase a snow blower without replacement warranty.

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What Are The Best Snow Blowers On The Market?

Electric and Cordless Snow

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Cordless snow blowers widely used as of now, and they cost you around $100 to $400. The price depends on your needs and requirements. Every snow blowers have their features, and they can work for hours without even taking one single break. Cordless blowers are not powered by Gas, so almost any age group can use the machine.

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

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There are many types of the Blowers, and one of the popular ones is the basic model called Single-Stage blower, which can help you remove your way, staircase, sideways, driveways and walkways without any issue. If your requirement is only to remove the snow, from small areas then single -stage is ideal for you. Let me remind that the single-stage blowers are ineffective against the wet and heavy snow. Make sure to check the workload and order it.

Two-Stage Snow Blower

The starting price of the snow blower is $400-above, everything depends on your requirements. Two-stage blowers are known for taking a much more heavy load like to remove heavy snow around 5-inches. They can remove heavy snow but it would struggle to remove wet snow from the area. You may have to look into the specs before you purchase because not every two-stage blowers can handle 5-inches thick snow.

Three-Stage Snow Blower

If we think for a second or two, we realize that not everybody backyard is huge or small. Everyone has their requirements. You can select Three-stage snow throwers which have large tires and motor which allows you to remove 10-inches thick snow for your backyard. If you have a big yard and farm, then this machine is ideal for you. You can call it snow buster because it does have head lights, cumbersome and sturdy like a beast to take on the heavy snow. Not every three-stage snow blower is equally can match with the three-stage snow blowers, so keep one thing in mind that many brands say that their product can handle 10-inches but it’s not accurate.


I know that selecting the right blower is hard but what you can do is to use E-commerce websites. Look for the model which you want to buy then check the certified reviews on the site for an idea. Reviewers are already using the model for a long time, and they know if the snow blower of your choice is efficient or ineffective. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section.

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